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(90 mins) 1991

Showcasing the greatest movies in different genres, "Jit" is ranked as one of the 200 greatest fantasy films of all time https://www.filmsranked.com/movie/jit/

Production: FilmAfrica/Gavin Films, London
Written and directed by MICHAEL RAEBURN
Producer: Rory Kilalea
Music: Virgin - Earthworks - Gramma in Southern Africa
Camera: Joao Funcho Costa
Production Designer: Lindie Pankiv 
Editor: Justin Krish
Based on the novel by Michael Raeburn (Anvil/Kaleidoscope)
Starring: Dominic Makuvachuma, Sibongile Nene
Distribution: International cinema and television

A man overcomes rivals in the criminal and spiritual world in order to raise the price for his bride.





  • 'BEST ACTOR' - AMIENS (Dominic Makuvachuma)

Dominic at work


Selection of reviews:


  • "A lively and charming story... Defiantly different... fast and furious. One of the films bull points is its catchy and authentic music. Sibongile Nene makes a strikingly beautiful heroine. Its great fun, matching the spirit of its catchy music and an entertaining effort all round." Variety, USA

  • "Washes like sunshine.. giddily upbeat.. has the antic, anything-goes spirit of the Beatles' first movies." Steven Holden, New York Times
  • "Has a lot of unpretentious charm.. a fresh and saucy air." Newsday, New York
  • "This does for Africa what 'The Harder They Come' did for Jamaica. But it's the flip side. If Menzell's film was a tough-nosed bus ride around Kingston with Reggae as your guide, Raeburn's romp is a comedic scooter tour of Harare to the lively jump of jit music." Time Out, UK
  • "Shrewd understanding of African narrative and humour.. Energy and pace and an optimism you rarely see." The Guardian, UK
  • "Full of ethnic warmth and bouncy tunes. This rough and ready film has an infectious charm." The Telegraph, UK
  • 'FILM OF THE WEEK' "Cool, très cool... Diabolically seductive." - Pariscope
  • "Enchanting!" Le Monde
  • "Explosive!" Le Canard Enchaîné
  • "Possesses both African nonchalence and the energy of 60s Britain." Télérama
  • "A lesson on spontaneous invention with poetic and amusing ideas." Le Parisien
  • "JIT turns out to be a real pearl. Michael Raeburn allows his humorous story to take its time which means you come unusually close to the people in it. JIT feels like a slice of real African life." Svenska Dagbladet, Sweden
  • "JIT is great entertainment.. A warm and modern insight." Dagens Nyheter, Sweden
  • "Vibrant music, scintillating colours, fresh and dynamic energy." Il Manifesto, Italy
  • "JIT is a rich and comic film, a gem of a movie that's full of exuberantly romantic moments." The Edmonton Journal
  • "THE BIG HIT!" Montreal Mirror
  • "Hilarious. THE HOTTEST MOVIE IN TOWN." Parade, Zimbabwe
  • "Does for African township life what Spike Lee's 'Do The Right Thing' did for New York's black ghettos." The Star, South Africa.